Evaluation of your Promotional Video Production:

You must critically evaluate your Promotional Video, not only at the end, but during all key stages of the production/planning process. This can take the form of comments on posts or within the posts themselves.

In your evidence you should consider the following:

Finished Product

  • Finished product
  • technical & aesthetic quality
  • suitability for purpose
  • meeting deadline
  • client & audience feedback.

Production Skills

  • Technical competence
  • Workflow and time management
  • Teamworking



On Monday 29th of April with the BSC’s we did a critical analysis of our Young Creative Chevrolet video submissions. It was good because we didn’t really know anyone personally on the BSC course, so that means that they would be more honest with the feedback rather than not trying to hurt our feelings. A total of 12 videos were submitted before the deadline from all of us and we watched them as a group and gave each other verbal and written feedback. The written feedback was anonymous so people wouldn’t be as afraid to write their honest opinions.

We watched everyones video twice, and my video was the first one to be shown.  The verbal comments were: It definitely explains the rules of football, the music works and is very upbeat with a good pace, and I had some nice visuals shown. It was nice to hear that I had hit all the criteria from the brief. There was also some exceptional verbal constructive criticism such as: The progression of the kid could have been a bit better, and shot of the television could have been better as well.

When we got the anonymous comments back to us, I received many mixed remarks. Some of them were nice saying: it was a clever was to explain the rules of football, good narrative, the editing was great, shots were nice with great composition and cinematography. The anonymous constructive criticism were:

  • Music is not upbeat just simple and slow
  • Too literal at explaining the rules of football
  • Editing was standard
  • Composition/Framing wasn’t great
  • Focus pull could have been more fluid
  • And almost everyone agreed that it does not make non-fans into fans

Having this all sink in, I try to justify some of it. I agree the music isn’t as upbeat as it could be but to my defense it’s really difficult to find copyright free music that works, and this music worked so perfectly with the family theme I was going for. As someone stated we were too literal at explaining rules of football, well that bit of the criteria was pretty vague, as explaining the rules could mean a possibility of things however you interpret it really. I would have to agree that we took it for its most literal sense and got a father explaining to his son the actual rules. I also agree and hold my hands up that the shot of the television wasn’t the best composition, we had to shoot the T.V off to the side to not get the actual picture in frame because of copyright infringement, which was a bit difficult with such a thin television. Finally almost everyone agreed that it doesn’t make non-fans into fans, nobody said yes but a few said it was possible but others just clearly said no. I guess it depends on how you look at it. The story is supposed to be about a father making his son into a great football fan isn’t that sufficient?

I guess with media everyone has their own opinions based upon their beliefs which is fine. It is good to get outside feedback and opinions because potentially it can make you look at your piece in a different way, and improve your video and make the necessary changes to better it.

I think the finished product is not too bad. I edited this video to cutting to the beat and also giving the audience something new and fresh to look at so they wouldn’t get bored. I do believe it could have been improve in many ways during production, such as the progression of the child. This was a bit confusing and if we would have had it right it would have been perfect. My partner, Jordan Schofield, used his siblings as the younger kids, and could only get his younger sister to play the littlest role. The thing about it is, you can blatantly tell it’s a girl wearing all pink, with a ponytail, and playing with a stuffed unicorn. Then the second kid has brown hair, and finally its me at the end with ginger hair. I know the concept is there but just with a little more planning we could have possibly have made this work. Also we weren’t the best at managing our time for this project. We had months to plan as as me and my partner were good for the majority of this, we lacked in executing our plan. We filmed only a few weeks before the deadline, and also the middle scene when the father is explaining the rules of football we had only shot a few day prior to this. Besides this major flaw, I believe Jordan and I were an amazing team.

Update: WON 3rd place in the United Kingdom!

Criteria: 4.1 & 4.2