Produce the Promotional Video:

You must shoot, log, edit and post-produce the final Promotional Video.

To evidence your production process you should log the following things in your Online Digital Portfolio:


  • Production Techniques, e.g. single camera, multi-camera, sound and music dubs, studio, location, performance, staged, lip sync; formats;
  • Management, eg allocate roles and responsibilities, communicate with the client and the team, manage a budget, control logistics

Post – Production content to include:

  • Organisation: e.g. gather material; log material; proxies; EDL; to gather and order all material appropriately using a professional logging system
  • Edit, e.g. Assembly/Offline edit; rough cut, final/Online edit;
  • Effects, e.g. sound, graphics, transitions;
  • Export, eg file type, file size


Link to planning of the promotional Project including storyboards and call sheets:


Production: The beginning and ending scene we used two Canon 550D cameras to make things a bit easier,  and for the middle scene we only used a single Canon 550D camera. For  the beginning and ending scenes all of our shots were on a Libec tripod, and there were usually still shots apart from a few pan shots. The middle scene since we filmed that in the studio we utilized the Manfrotto tripod on the track to get some nice dolly shots. We also had some fun with this scene doing some focus pulls and some mild zooms. Our location for the beginning scene was Jordan Schofield’s house and the ending scene we shot in the park next to the college. Jordan was allocated director as he planned the concept and story for the video.  I was on camera, cinematography, and editing. Gareth Skinner also helped with lighting and some camera work.

Screen Shot of chevy edit

Post Production: I edited this video using Adobe Premier Pro CS3. It  was a short 1 minute edit and most of the work was just in pre-production. For the audio I used a royalty free song called ‘Continue Life’ by Kevin Macleod. The song was originally  1:54  long in length, so I because the contest allowed for 20 seconds to 1:30 I had to edit it a bit, in the end each scene had their individual but very similar part of the song. I also used a royalty free sound effect from http://www.freesfx.com of a football stadium atmosphere and the crowd cheering. Chevy Organisation

Here is a screen shot of me organizing all my music into separate folders and my video shots by labeling them properly and color coding them based upon quality. The contest submission had to be in two different formats on two different dvds. One being a large format for viewing 768×432 (16:9 aspect ratio), no larger than 80 MB, and the second one was a small format for sharing 320 (16:9 aspect ratio), no larger than 6 MB.  The end credits I also had to download Chevrolets specific font that they created and use Adobe Photoshop to stick them in there.


Criteria: 3.1 & 3.2