Plan the Promotional Video

Planning Your Promotional Video Production.

You must liaise, propose then plan – both creatively and logistically – the Promotional Video.


Video brief with rules and regulationsPicture 6


Treatment: (Thought up by Jordan Schofield) The advertisement starts in a living room with a father and his toddler
son, on the television is a football game, however we don’t see the game we only hear it and see a faint reflection on the actors as to avoid any legal issues involving the companies broadcasting the game. A goal is scored and the dad jumps up raising both hands and yelling “get in” the camera is a close up on his face, we then hear a toddler saying “get in” the dad turns in shock and sees the child copying him. It then cuts to the same dad with an older toddler, the toddler kicks a football and it goes past the dad into the goal, the dad and child grin happily at the achievement. It then cuts yet again to a ten year old(ish) child playing football for his school team, the dad is cheering him on at ringside. The child scores the winning goal and is lifted up. Cut again to the end, a close up of the chevrolet boot logo is shown as it opens and the childs football bag being placed in. Then a shot of the two in the front seat of the chevrolet, the dad turns to his son and nods saying “I’m proud of you son” the car starts and they drive off, Image (2)the make me a fan tagline then pops up in the now only scenery shot. Music: Slow building music until the goal is scored, then the music continues with its uplifting beat throughout the advert until the end.

(A month later) On consideration of the plot for the treatment has changed, instead of the child being apart of the football team at his local school he is now still with his father, scoring a goal in a country park, the scenes that happen after the school scene still happen.

Treatment shots: Begins with a medium long shot exposing the back of the living room and the sofa where the dad is watching the television with his infant son. A slow pan as the commentator of the football game gets more excited, the dads face begins to fill with anticipation as the camera slowly zooms in onto his face. As the commentator announces the goal the camera cuts back to a medium close up showing the top half of the dad as he jumps off of the sofa yelling “get in there” a second voice (The child) says the same thing, a close up of the man’s face is shown as he turns to face his son. A cut to a close up of the kid is shown in the Image (3)same position as his father. Cut to a shot of the car boot closing (football inside being taken out) close up. The scene cuts to a country park point of view shot from the toddler as he kicks the ball past his dad in the goal. It then cuts to a medium close up of the mans reaction, he runs forward into another medium shot as he picks up the child. Runs with the child past something, as they do it cuts to an older version of the son and dad, the two have arms around each others shoulders as they head back to the car. Last shot is of advert is a long shot as the sun goes down of the two heading to the car which is parked, the dads voice then comes through saying “I’m proud of you son” titles.

Update: Re-reading the brief properly we have come to realize that there cannot be any dialogue so it can be used for multi-national use (if Chevrolet decides to use it). So we took out all the dialogue. We also had to explain the rules of football, so the middle scene got replaced of the father teaching his kid the rules and regulations of football using toy army soldiers and monsters. Also the car was not used, so that also got cut out.

Above are call sheets for our chevy promo. It includes: roles in production, actors used, shoot times, addresses for our filming locations, and the music to be used in our edit. Gareth Skinner helped in our production but couldn’t be credited as he helped Frankie Burrows and could only submit his name on one video. And below are our Release and consent forms from the actors who stared in the video. The younger kids had to get written permission from their parent as they weren’t 18 yet.
Criteria: 2.1 & 2.2