Assessment Task 1:

A Critical Review of the Development of Sound Design Practice

You should create a historical timeline (this can be written, graphical or video format) that critically reviews the development of sound design in the film industry. It is important that your timeline discusses the landmark sound designers, landmark companies, organisations, roles and technological developments.

If you decide to create a written historical timeline you should write approximately 1000 words; video production should be no longer than 5 minutes.


Above is the final video for this project. I thought it would be more practical if I made a video rather than writing a paper. Below is a screenshot of myself editing this video in Adobe Premier Pro CS3. I had obtained the music beat from and I had to cut it to my liking. Music is by christianjinnyzoe and is called down tempo track. All my references for the videos that I used in this production will be at the bottom.

Picture 4


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Criteria: 1.1