Reflect Upon Your Individual Investigation

Lastly, you must reflect on your own performance and learning and be able to evaluate the research processes you used and the outcomes you developed.



I like the overall outcome of my SSI video. I think that choosing to do a video was a much more convenient way to show the lighting and colours with visuals, rather than just writing them down. However saying that there are a few things that I would like to have done differently. The big one is my voiceover. In all my videos my voiceover seems non-enthusiastic and a bit boring. This is because I’ve typed up what I was going to say and I basically just read it straight from the paper. I wish I could just have more excitement in my voice to make the video a bit more interesting.

Originally I was just going to look at the colour palettes but then I added lighting because I thought without light there wouldn’t be any colour. But now I kind of wished I could have just focused on one or the other so I could have been more detailed on the topic.

Also I wish I could have covered some more aspects in this video as there are so many when it comes to this topic. I never really explained why Ridley Scott used these colour palettes or lighting styles which is something I wish I could have done. I watched numerous interviews from Ridley Scott but none seemed to cover the topic of colour palettes and only brushed lightly on his lighting style. So basically I wish I could have more reliable material available, possibly quotes and numerical data from Ridley Scott himself to add to my research.

I tried looking for footage of Ridley Scott during pre-production talking about set design, props,and the costume design because this would have been really nice to add some of that into my video but it was unavailable as I looked quite hard. I also wanted to look at other Ridley Scotts films such as Gladiator, American Gangster, and Robin Hood. However that would have meant me not talking so much about the other films that I covered because of time constraints. I mean there wasn’t a time limit but I’m sure a 45 minute long video is a bit too long.

Unfortunately I didn’t ask for any feedback from my teachers or anyone for this project. I believe if I would have asked for some constructive criticism for my video I could have been more critical in my reflection. Next time I will be sure to get some outside feedback as it could help me in the long run for future projects.

To sum everything up I am happy with the final video product and it was just what I was predicting when I completed my proposal form. However saying that, I wish I could have added a bit more extensive information to it. But because I was very limited to the amount of resources available, the interviews and pre-production footage that I wanted to include in my video, I couldn’t because it wasn’t there. But overall I enjoyed the topic that I researched as it is still very interesting to me and I plan to keep doing future research on it as it becomes available.

Unit 2 Criteria: 4.1, 4.2 & 4.3 and Unit 4 Criteria: 4.1 & 4.2