Based on the Level 3 ideas that have been pitched to you, you will work with the Level 3 students – in your producing pairs – to OriginateDevise and Formulate the completed original, imaginative and detailed idea for a Moving Image Production and place it on your Blog. This must be the completed, production ready idea that has been tested for feasibility by yourselves, alongside the other level 3 learners.

You will then Pitch this idea – which has been tested for feasibility – to the media team – acting as Exec. Producers – and Negotiate the final outcome, before the producers take it into the production phase.

Contents of your pitched idea should include the following:

  • subject idea
  • format
  • genre
  • style
  • audience
  • intended aim
  • budget, eg research costs, crew costs, travel, accommodation, subsistence, contingency



For this task we paired up with the level three students to produce a two minute short film based upon the brother Grimm’s fairy tale Rumpelstiltskin for A Virgin Media competition. Our role is not to make this film but to make it feasible to get it made. Below is the original story synopsis, character briefs, aims and objectives, identification of genre, target audience, script, and storyboards that we were given by Jai Masters from level three.

Character BriefsAims and objectives

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Storyboard1 storyboard2 storyboard3

After been given all this material from Jai Masters we could tell he had put in a lot of work into this project. We allocated him the role of being the director as he was best suited for the position. We then set up a meeting to discuss the feasibility of producing this short film. Below is a screen shot of the e-mail arranging the meeting that we had on March 5th 2014, as well as a picture from the meeting with Jai.

Picture 3


First we addressed the issue of the script being too long for a two minute film. Although it’s a great script, it’s thirteen pages long and we is not practical to fit in a length of two minutes. We’ve told Jai to minimize the script to a maximum of five pages so we can realistically make this fit within the time Virgin Media Shorts has allocated in the competition. Next we’ve asked about if their group had any budget to pay for costumes, props, an transportation to and from locations. So far there is no budget but we’ve discussed certain ideas such as a bake sale to fund some of these things. Next we’ve discussed locations. Luckily I work at a pub and my boss said it’s alright to film on his property. This is a very rural area and can serve for multiple locations within the film. As for the city scenes we decide on melton (even though a town) would best suffice as it is close to college and could work well. We then discussed actors as there were too many and we told jai to minimize them accordingly. We’ve given the level three’s two weeks to complete these changes before we have our next meeting and then we can move forward in making this production.

Above is a meeting Gareth Skinner and I had with our Lecturer Jon Holmes on March 7th, 2014 about where we were at in our producer unit. We discussed problems we encountered so far and Jon gave us guidance on what to do next. We discussed sourcing actors as older actors we thought we would struggle with quite a bit, as well as locations issues, such as power outlets and restrooms for these actors.

Criteria: 2.1 &; 2.2