Produce a Production/s 

As Director, assemble a crew and conduct production and post-production processes in accordance with the original proposal and in relation to the terms and conditions of the brief.

You can either create a production for MO film or the Europass Viral Video Competition. Additionally, to show that you can edit a dialouge scene you are also to produce/reproduce a 1 minute dialouge scene from a script you have devised or adapted.

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You must keep a working log of the process, critically reflecting both as a group member and in your individual Directorial role. The working log could take many forms, such as:

* Video Diary
* Production stills on set, with annotations
* Ongoing blog
* A combination of all of the above

Things to consider when covering/logging your production process:

Production techniques:

  • shooting, eg one shot, two shot, interviews, group discussion, cutaways, white balance, monitoring levels; graphics; scripted pieces to camera;
  • environment, eg studio, location, public spaces;
  • sound, eg audio dubbing, location sound, music; sound levels; mixing

Production management:

  • monitoring progress; identifying and solving problems; production organisation; logistics management; communication;
  • coordination, eg crew, director, producer, contributors, experts, general public


  • purpose (to create narrative, to convey meaning, to illustrate subject);
  • log appropriate media; prepare edit decision list;
  • add music; add captions; add graphics


Picture 7

For this task I was assigned the director role of the production. I had to develop my idea according to the brief that was set, and acquire crew, talent, locations, and equipment. For my actors/actress I contacted Jack Clark who is a performing arts student at my college,(and whom I’ve used before) to play my main character “The forgetful boyfriend.” Vicky Grant who is on my course, played the second role as the girlfriend. I made sure both of them were free to help me on 15th of November (which I double and triple checked).

For my crew  I had the help of Jordan Schofield and Andrew Miles who assisted me in my production with lighting and  setting up the equipment. From college I booked the 3 piece Photonbeard lighting kit (which ended up being only two because one of the lights had blown a fuse), a tripod, and the 1 meter glide track. Ideally I would have liked to have the 3rd light working but unfortunately I had to work with what I had.

For my locations I had decided to film at my home as well as in my local village flower shop. We started filming around noon and took the service bus to my village. I had booked to film in the flower shop around 3:30, and Vicky had to leave before then because she had some prior obligations. So I had to schedule my shoot around these two factors. So we filmed the end hugging scene first, then when Vicky had to shoot off we filmed the beginning opening bit, until it was time to make our way down to the flower shop at half three and we ended our shoot there. The overall process went really well apart from some daily rushes I had to obtain later on to convey more meaning to the narrative I edited together.

Picture 5

I had to make sure that it was understood to the audience that the man was heading to a florist to buy flowers for his girlfriend. I filmed a daily rush of my laptop screen on MapQuests website searching for florist in the area, because I filmed it so tight and you couldn’t see anything other than the bright screen it worked as the iphone screen.

I acquired the music ( Head Outside by Bryan Steele) of of the MoFilm’s or MoMusic’s website. I would say although I’m not a big fan of the music choice, it does seem to work with the edit nicely. I had to cut up the music and sync it together using Adobe Premier Pro CS3 by looking at the audio waveforms. Another major criticism I have was the beginning text message from the girlfriend wasn’t shown for long enough ( only 3 seconds). It was only showed for this amount of time because it worked with the edit. This could have easily been fixed by adding overlaid text, somewhere on the screen for a longer duration.

Below is a screenshot of all my raw footage that is all labeled properly and colour coded to help out with time management in the post production process.

Picture 8

The AOL MapQuest app isn’t available in the Uk app store. This caused some major problems for me as in the brief said the client wanted footage of the application in use.  At first I wasn’t sure how I was going to get around this issue. Then I found a simple way that didn’t take too long to complete.

So the way I solved this was, in the asset folder I downloaded from the contest they had a screenshot of the application. I edited this in Adobe After Effects CS5 using motion tracking. I found two points in the corners of the black screen of the iphone and these tracked the position and rotation of the iphone whilst it was moving in frame. This added individual keyframes for me. Then I layered the screenshot in and created a mask around it which I feathered so it blended into the original footage. Finally I parented the two layers together and this gave me the shot I used in the final edit.

Picture 5

Picture 4

Criteria: 2.1 & 2.2