Based on your own detailed research into the Work Experience Projects on offer on GeneroTV; you must firstly Identify the project you want to work on, clearly justify why you have selected it as your work experience project and then Negotiate and agree the parameters of the project, with the Project Leader Jon Holmes, including areas such as: the timescale; work-load commitment; and, relevance of the project to your career development.

This negotiation meeting with Jon Holmes, will take the form of an informal discussion supported by audio visual aids supplied by your self to illustrate your reasoning. This will be recorded in an audio file to document it for your WordPress evidence.



To gain a better understanding of the competitions on Genero TV website I conducted some research of previous winners and their videos. This helped me by looking at the competition as well as why the artist hand picked the winners and for what reason they did.

First I looked at Olafur Arnalds: This Place Was A Shelter (above) to give me a better insight into what the clients are actually looking for. The brief was open to interpretation and Olafur wanted to people to be inspired by the music to make something creative. The winners were two young Hungarian film-makers, Ádám Bedzsula and Erik Kocsis. Olafur Arnalds selected their video after watching 198 entries and picked it because of many things. He said that because the music is very dramatic and emotional, he didn’t want the imagery to be too upseting or else it would clash and be too cliched. Olafur Arnalds also like that the video was edited very slow and not cut to every drum beat.  This is a complete opposite to the music as it is quite fast paced, and Olafur Arnalds said that this was refreshing to see and drove him into it. He enjoyed that the story was very simplistic and minimal but yet so powerful that you gain a whole lot from it. (below) is the video response from the artist himself.

This video was executed very well and unlike any of the other videos that got submitted. Most of the videos had people running quickly when the beat picked up whereas this video had the character take a slow plunge into the water which worked really well. The story is very simple, it’s about rebirth of a husband letting go of his wife whom he lost by leaving their wedding rings at the bottom of a lake. Both the location and cast were perfect and they worked suitably for the video and created a very excellent shoot.

Secondly I looked at Alex Clare: Relax My Beloved (below). The winner is a french man named Clément Deneux. In his video he showed a broken relationship trying to mended together with words. In the brief Alex Clare said: ” This song is about realising that someone needs words of comfort. Only you can’t be passive with them because, you always end up exploding.” Clément Deneux used simple but surreal motion design graphics as well as text to add to the suspense and dramatic feel to the video.

This video really stood out to me because of numerous reasons. Firstly I thought that the location really gave the video some justice. The video was shot next to a massive river which gives the viewer some very pleasant imagery to look at, such as stairs that lead to the river, a barge traveling down the river, and a bridge that goes over the river with tremendous views all around. The motion graphics really heightened the video. They were simple but gave the video an odd feel to it. I’m not sure exactly what they are meant to be but they are really interesting, especially the spike that comes out the male characters mouth. It connotes that the woman’s relationship isn’t something that is meant to be or will work out with this man. The text I think really enhanced the music video with the lyrics being sung. The only thing I would criticize would be that the story wasn’t as strong as it could be. After watching the video I could say the story line was barely even there and most of the video was a chase scene.

Lastly I looked at Sick Individuals and Axwell ft Taylr Renee: I Am (above). The winner is an american man by the name of Matthew Lang. I really enjoyed this video because it really resinated with me. I believe that most people could connect with this video and thats the reason it was chosen as the winner. The director Matthew Lang says that “Most of what I shoot are highly influenced by my experiences. I enjoy making films that create some type of emotional impact the audience can relate to – whether it be through the characters, the visuals, or most importantly, the story.” This is ideal as everyone can in some way or another connect with emotion and a good story. This video I believe had both which made it an overall hit.

Overall I like this video the most out of all the ones I had looked at on the Genero TV’s website. The story line was executed wonderfully. Within the first few seconds the viewer understands what’s going on within the plot. A brother/son is missing and homeless on the street. We don’t understand exactly why he is homeless, I presumed it was because of drugs but either way it is unimportant. The story is simple, it’s about a family worried about a family member who has lost his way in the world. The imagery was perfect especially the way they kept going back and forth between the present and past. This juxtaposed the innocence and happiness that the brothers had when they were younger compared to the troublesome life the one brother who lost his way while the other one appeared to be successful in the present. The video ends on a good note with the homeless brother returning home to his former life.

Below is a link to the audio discussion I had with my lecturer Jon Holmes about the project I decided to pick. Actually I decided to try and do 2 (Nestle Rolo and Hudson Taylor Music) just to play it safe, incase one doesn’t work out. Even though I decided to do two that is okay because I am all caught up on my work and I don’t have a big work load at the moment so I can commit to them.