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Research and Originate a detailed 2 sided A4 proposal, which must then be saved as a PDF document and attached to your WordPress blog under the required section for this Task.

The proposal must contain the following sections:

  • The Specific Aim and/or Requirements of the GeneroTV Project you have selected
  • The specific Mission Statement/Brand image of the artist/company you have chosen
  • The specific production objectives of your response to the client Brief:
    • Core Aim/Themes
    • Target Audience
    • Stylistic/Formal Techniques you will use
    • Budget/Schedule
  • The Legal and Ethical considerations that effect your response to the Client Brief


The Proposal must be supported by a Critical assessment of the original client brief and a Critical justification of how your proposal meets the needs of the original client brief.


This critical reflection must not exceed 1000 words or 3 minutes and be placed on your WordPress Blog alongside the proposal document.


Unfortunately for this task I won’t be doing an actual Genero Tv brief, as I was unlucky with the risk reward of playing the waiting game for new project briefs to start. So instead I spoke with my lecturer Jon Holmes and he said that I could do another MO Film instead, and this would meet the criteria for this unit.  So after looking at the open Mo film project briefs (there were many unlike Genero) I choose the brief that appealed to me the most, Nestle Rolo. Below is the brief  that I downloaded from Mo films website for Nestle Rolo.


To download the A4 Proposal for Nestle Rolo: Click Here


ROLO Filmmaker Brief


Launched over 70 years ago ROLO is one of the most iconic, well-loved confectionery brands

in the UK. It’s not just the iconic product and packaging that makes it loved, it also has one

of the highest ever recalled advertising straplines withdo you love anyone enough to give 

them your last ROLO?” This unique positioning was developed and advertised through a 10-

year campaign in the 1980’s, and truly cemented ROLO’s positioning and associations with

love, romance and a little bit of humour.


This campaign resonates strongly with our core ROLO consumers (adults!30+)and our

opportunity is to rekindle that association and love, whilst attracting the next generation of

ROLO consumers.



“When you are down to your last, delicious ROLO, it has to be someone extra special that

would be worthy of receiving it”– & this tension between the love of ROLO & the love

for another that is the catalyst for future communications.

ROLO consumers have a balanced, optimistic attitude to life (and chocolate) who love

seizing special moments and finding ways to capture them. What’s most important to them

is spending time with their loved ones, and for these consumers the “last ROLO” acts as a

symbol of that love and affection, but do you love them enough to part with it?


What we want:

ROLO wants to re-ignite the well-loved brand equity by bringing the iconic strapline and

positioning back to today’s group of consumers. Taking inspiration from the heritage and

associations we want you to make the next ROLO advert.

We want you to make a film that captures that tension of a person who loves the

indulgence of their ROLO and whether they share the last ROLO with a loved one so

answering the question…


“‘Do you love anyone enough to give them your last ROLO?’

Executional mandatories:

  • Can be live action or animation
  • Must feature the ROLO product
  • Format to use is the 52g Tube
  • Animated Nestle End frame to be provided
  • No children to be used in the adverts
  • Should look to incorporate the strapline either visually or verbally


Tone: light hearted, warm, loving, playful, humorous (subtle & not slapstick.)

Brand Personality: ROLO is thoughtful, affectionate and a bit of a tease 

Length: up to 60 seconds with ability to cut down to 30

Use: TV, Cinema or online

Target: Adult (male and female) 20 years+

Audience: Global

With all this in mind I did some research and came across a few do you love anyone enough to give them you last Rolo videos. Above is one that I liked from the 80’s. Its a simple humorous animation and it was good to see something like this because I believe this is the thing Rolo is potentially looking for but with more pizzaz.

My aim is to create something humorous that people can enjoy. So I came up with the idea of the main character enjoying a pack of Rolos by himself and when he gets to the last one his shadow on the wall comes alive and is begging for the last scrumptious morsel. The main character is un-impressed that his shadow is not following his movement anymore but instead requires proof that his shadow deserves this last Rolo more than himself.

For this the lighting must be right, so the shadow is very prominent but not too in your face. I want the lights to look natural and not too over the top and false. (Below at the Bottom) I have drawn a storyboard example of the shots that I want. This is subject to change but it was mostly to get a feel of what I will be shooting.

With my own equipment and lending the lighting kit from college I don’t think it should cost more than 20 pounds for the budget. This will be for public transportation and of course the Rolos. The shoot should take a day and the editing will also take about a day. I will edit this in Adobe After Effects to achieve the shadow having a life of its own. I haven’t considered the music to be used but I will most likely use music from the Mo films website.

Since this is a French competition and Nestle wants to show this globally I have decided not to use any dialogue as it can be used multi-culturally instead of being dubbed over. I enjoy that the brief is asking for it to be humorous and lighthearted which is why it appealed to me the most. Hopefully this idea with some more planning can be executed well enough and become shortlisted. The deadline is May the 12th 2014, so with all this planning I should have it submitted by then with loads of time to spare.

Image (16)

Image (17)Image (18)


Unfortunately I wasn’t happy with the results of the shots I recorded for this project so the idea has fallen through. I couldn’t get the lighting for the shadow to be right. I knew that the lighting would essentially be the most difficult part for shooting this video but I did not now the extent of how difficult it actually would be.

I booked the lighting kit out from college and spent almost all day trying to get it right but just couldn’t. I needed the actor to be on one side of the frame and the shadow to be on the other so I could easily merge the two clips together using masks in Adobe After Effects. But this did not happen. No matter where I seemed to positioned the light the shadow always fell right next to the character. I tried moving the camera and this also didn’t work. I moved the actor around and this seem to work but in the end he looked too much in an awkward position and it seemed too unnatural for the viewer.

For task three Im going to use the extra Mo Film I did for the music video group Hudson Taylor. I think this best suits Genero TV because it’s actually a music video which Genero usually does unlike an advertisement instead. I apologize for the inconvenience of this because I really wanted this video to happen as I really enjoyed the idea I came up with. In the future I will try to figure out a way to complete this shadow technique so I actually know what to do in that situation if I ever needed to do it.

Although I did help Vicky with her Rolo idea and also did my own edit because I still wanted to do something for the Rolo contest so below I have a screenshot of myself editing the video in Adobe Premier CS3 as well as the final video. I stuck to the brief and made the video under three seconds and included the tagline, do you love anyone enough to give them your last Rolo? I also didn’t use any dialogue (besides my name once) so it could be used multi culturally.

Picture 3

Unit 80: Criteria: 2.1 &; 2.2

Based on your own detailed research into the Work Experience Projects on offer on GeneroTV; you must firstly Identify the project you want to work on, clearly justify why you have selected it as your work experience project and then Negotiate and agree the parameters of the project, with the Project Leader Jon Holmes, including areas such as: the timescale; work-load commitment; and, relevance of the project to your career development.

This negotiation meeting with Jon Holmes, will take the form of an informal discussion supported by audio visual aids supplied by your self to illustrate your reasoning. This will be recorded in an audio file to document it for your WordPress evidence.



To gain a better understanding of the competitions on Genero TV website I conducted some research of previous winners and their videos. This helped me by looking at the competition as well as why the artist hand picked the winners and for what reason they did.

First I looked at Olafur Arnalds: This Place Was A Shelter (above) to give me a better insight into what the clients are actually looking for. The brief was open to interpretation and Olafur wanted to people to be inspired by the music to make something creative. The winners were two young Hungarian film-makers, Ádám Bedzsula and Erik Kocsis. Olafur Arnalds selected their video after watching 198 entries and picked it because of many things. He said that because the music is very dramatic and emotional, he didn’t want the imagery to be too upseting or else it would clash and be too cliched. Olafur Arnalds also like that the video was edited very slow and not cut to every drum beat.  This is a complete opposite to the music as it is quite fast paced, and Olafur Arnalds said that this was refreshing to see and drove him into it. He enjoyed that the story was very simplistic and minimal but yet so powerful that you gain a whole lot from it. (below) is the video response from the artist himself.

This video was executed very well and unlike any of the other videos that got submitted. Most of the videos had people running quickly when the beat picked up whereas this video had the character take a slow plunge into the water which worked really well. The story is very simple, it’s about rebirth of a husband letting go of his wife whom he lost by leaving their wedding rings at the bottom of a lake. Both the location and cast were perfect and they worked suitably for the video and created a very excellent shoot.

Secondly I looked at Alex Clare: Relax My Beloved (below). The winner is a french man named Clément Deneux. In his video he showed a broken relationship trying to mended together with words. In the brief Alex Clare said: ” This song is about realising that someone needs words of comfort. Only you can’t be passive with them because, you always end up exploding.” Clément Deneux used simple but surreal motion design graphics as well as text to add to the suspense and dramatic feel to the video.

This video really stood out to me because of numerous reasons. Firstly I thought that the location really gave the video some justice. The video was shot next to a massive river which gives the viewer some very pleasant imagery to look at, such as stairs that lead to the river, a barge traveling down the river, and a bridge that goes over the river with tremendous views all around. The motion graphics really heightened the video. They were simple but gave the video an odd feel to it. I’m not sure exactly what they are meant to be but they are really interesting, especially the spike that comes out the male characters mouth. It connotes that the woman’s relationship isn’t something that is meant to be or will work out with this man. The text I think really enhanced the music video with the lyrics being sung. The only thing I would criticize would be that the story wasn’t as strong as it could be. After watching the video I could say the story line was barely even there and most of the video was a chase scene.

Lastly I looked at Sick Individuals and Axwell ft Taylr Renee: I Am (above). The winner is an american man by the name of Matthew Lang. I really enjoyed this video because it really resinated with me. I believe that most people could connect with this video and thats the reason it was chosen as the winner. The director Matthew Lang says that “Most of what I shoot are highly influenced by my experiences. I enjoy making films that create some type of emotional impact the audience can relate to – whether it be through the characters, the visuals, or most importantly, the story.” This is ideal as everyone can in some way or another connect with emotion and a good story. This video I believe had both which made it an overall hit.

Overall I like this video the most out of all the ones I had looked at on the Genero TV’s website. The story line was executed wonderfully. Within the first few seconds the viewer understands what’s going on within the plot. A brother/son is missing and homeless on the street. We don’t understand exactly why he is homeless, I presumed it was because of drugs but either way it is unimportant. The story is simple, it’s about a family worried about a family member who has lost his way in the world. The imagery was perfect especially the way they kept going back and forth between the present and past. This juxtaposed the innocence and happiness that the brothers had when they were younger compared to the troublesome life the one brother who lost his way while the other one appeared to be successful in the present. The video ends on a good note with the homeless brother returning home to his former life.

Below is a link to the audio discussion I had with my lecturer Jon Holmes about the project I decided to pick. Actually I decided to try and do 2 (Nestle Rolo and Hudson Taylor Music) just to play it safe, incase one doesn’t work out. Even though I decided to do two that is okay because I am all caught up on my work and I don’t have a big work load at the moment so I can commit to them.

Picture 6hudson taylor

Unfortunately my Nestle Rolo idea fell through (explained in task two) However I did have this extra Hudson Taylor Music music video as extra work to fall back on which is nice, and is an actual music video which Genero TV is all about.

For this contest we were originally given three weeks (then extended to four weeks) to complete pre-production to post-production. Fortunately for myself I had filmed quite a bit of footage when I went back home to San Francisco this past summer. This saved me loads of time not having to mess about with pre-production and focus mainly on post. Luckily the brief was up my own interpretation, so I used inspiration from my own experiences and the final product turned out quite nicely.  Below is the contest brief:Picture 7

Below is a screenshot of myself editing the video in Adobe Premier pro CS3. I exported the final video in cinemascope (1920 x 818) which cut off the top and bottom of my footage and added black bars. This helped with the overall look and feel of the video and caused it to look more artsy which was what I was originally going for. I color-graded some of the footage such as the golden gate bridge using Adobe After Effects CS5. I did this to fix some over exposed footage as well as accentuating certain colours to make them stand out more.

Picture 10

Picture 5

Above is a screenshot of the compressed file containing all the paperwork I needed to submit for this competition. This includes two talent release forms with identification and a filmmaker release form as shown below. I didn’t need to submit a music agreement as Hudson Taylor provided their audio file with the brief, and I also didn’t need a location release form as non of my footage was shown on private property.

img007img005 copy









filmmaker agreement1

I have very variety of opinions toward my Hudson Taylor music video. This was a part of the Mo Film website, and I did it on top of the Mapquest video because I wanted to try and do the most possible to increase my chances. I decided because we only had a short amount of time to complete the video ( 3 weeks then changed to 4 weeks), I chose to use my documentary footage that I shot this past summer in the states. This in-turn I believe, gave me an advantage and more time to strictly focus on the post production side of things.

When I watch the final video, I have loads of things I am pleased with but at the same time I see loads of silly things that went overlooked. Primarily the narrative, although it was there, it was weak and lacked a main focus. The relationship between the two characters was understood and some sort of distance separated them was also understood but other than that nothing really got explained. My lecturer Paul gave me constructive criticism, saying that the two shots of the plane going two different directors was really confusing. He told me he thought maybe one of the characters left then came back or went back to see the other one. As an editor I wish I would have caught on to this but again I overlooked this due to time constraints. I never really showed the final video to anyone until after I submitted it. This is something I will highly consider in the future to get outside opinions and feedback from different perspectives.

Picture 3Picture 4





After the video was submitted to Mo Film, someone had a brilliant idea which I wish I could have used. That the ending It would have shown the main character putting flowers on the girlfriends grave. This would make have a shock factor and made the audience think and remember the video more.

One really funny mistake that had me laughing out loud was the the first shot of the main characterPicture 3writing the letter, because we have just introduced the character and we don’t yet know he his writing, because he is looking down at the paper he appears to be sleeping. This could have be resolved by switching the order of the shots to show the letter being written first. Im just glad this wasn’t a video for a client because that would have been embarrassing.

Picture 3Another issue was because I showed the shot of the main character “sleeping” first, following this next shot (pictured left) I crossed the line of the 180 degree rule in filming. I basically made it more confusing for the viewer to watch and understand  an only if I had left that first shot out or simply just did a dolly in production crossing the line then everything would have been fine. Although I have made this mistake numerous times in the past I’m sure of myself that this time I will definitely learn from my mistakes.

Other than the issues mentioned above I would say that I am pleased with the result of my final edit. I have learnt a considerable amount from this project, as well as the AOl Mapquest one, and these both will help me for further projects that I do.


Unit 80: Criteria: 3.1, 3.2, 4.1, 4.2 & 4.3