Produce an original, edited sequence:

Using the newly acquired knowledge from the above 3 TASKs, put it into practice to Devise and Produce a short, original film production that incorporates all the key principals of Montage and Editing Production.

In small groups of 4/5 members conduct Production and Post-production processes in accordance with the styles and Movements studied previously.

Each student must create their own edit of the experiment, combining picture and sound to enhance production aesthetics.

The aim of this task is to not only evidence and develop your technical competencies at this early stage of the course and your knowledge of a 1080p, digital workflow, but also for you to illustrate how you can apply theory into practice in a clearly defined style/genre.


This video is based off of the 2011 documentary life in a day, which consists of submitted video clips from youtube showing different peoples experiences on a single day of July the 24th, 2010. The film is about 95 minutes long and it received 80,000 submitted clips, which in total was 4,500 hours of footage from 192 different nations. My video is a miniature version based off of life in a day. It it comprised of footage from myself and my fellow peers enrolled in Brooksby’s Melton College Media Department. All the footage was shot on November the 7th of 2012. It shows various aspects of the daily lives of a media college student living in England.

Picture 3









Picture 13

Picture 14











I edited this video in final cut pro and as you can see there are numerous layers of audio and video tracks. There was so much footage submitted for this, but not nearly as much as the 4,500 hours that the actual life in a day had. I organised my footage in different bins and colour coded them according to quality of footage and  if they were interesting or not. This made things a bit more easier when it came to editing the video. It was really hard to decide what to footage to use and what footage to leave out of it. Eventually i decided on my clips  I wanted and made an EDL. I will always remember you can never finish editing a video but only abandon it, otherwise you would spend eternity making minor alterations here and there. All in all I am very pleased with the end result.

Organisation/Proxies/Logging/Labeling of Edit: Criteria: 2.1, 2.2 & 2.3

Assembly and Edit of Footage: Criteria: 3.1 & 3.2