You have been tasked to create a short film for the “if” competition. You are only required to make a short 3-minute production. However, as it is a competition, with prizes (and they are very good), you will have to stick to the competition guidelines and the terms and conditions (T & C’s) of entry. Please make sure you read this thoroughly, as any slight mistake could result in your production being disqualified from entry.

You need to enter into the “Drama Category” in order for this to meet the criteria of this unit. There is also a documentary category, and if you wish to enter this as well you may. However, if you create a documentary for the competition it cannot be used for this particular unit.

You can work individually, in pairs or in small groups – please read the T & C’s regarding group entries.

Please be aware of the deadline (Before 27th March) for submission and make sure that you provide yourself with ample time to submit your production. Additionally, examine the brief so that you know the mode of delivery of your production (online only) so that you are fully prepared to submit an entry. All this information is in the competition’s T & C’s

You will also be required to submit all the appropriate research and planning material you have conducted. Additionally, you will be expected to keep your Reflective Learning Journal (RLJ) for the entirety of the project, where you will chart the process and the progress, issues and achievements you have made.


Video Info: Benny Scrantz is worried about his destiny. He has a job interview tomorrow that determines his whole future. When he goes to bed he has a weird nightmare turned vision that explains that all he needs is confidence to get hired.

Picture 14

For this project I used Adobe Premier Pro. We had 13 shots total and I labeled them accordingly and colour coded them either green, orange, or red depending on the quality of the footage. I did an edit decision list as well as organizing and labeling the footage as this in the long run make things a lot easier to find and put things together.

Picture 3Picture 13







I had to colour grade 2 shots (brushing teeth in mirror scene and also the bed scene) in Adobe After Effects, because we used the lighting kit to properly light the scene  and we shot mid day so there was a fair amount of natural light coming through the windows. Those scenes were supposed to be at night time so I did what I could by colour correcting and darkening the shots by playing around with the brightness, hue, saturation, curves, levels, and tint. I’ll admit I’m an amateur at this but I believe the two shots came out alright and work for what I needed them to look like.

Picture 8Picture 7







I used Adobe After Effects to mask Benny Scrantz (Bradley Thomas) in the scene where his brushing his teeth in the mirror, and also when he his having his vision/nightmare and he is talking to himself. This merged two clips together and created the illusion of 2 Benny Scrantz in a single shot.

Picture 4Picture 9







Criteria: 2.2, 2.3, 3.1, 3.2