For this task you will be working in conjunction with Performing Arts (PA) Learners. The objective of the task is for you to film two different scenes that involve directing actors for screen. As well as directing actors the pre-production, set design, soundtrack and post-production is also your responsibility. In order to document the process you have journeyed through you should keep a reflective learning journal (RLJ) – Task 6.

You will work in teams of 2 for this task. You will be expected to swap the director role on each production – act as the director on at least one production.

“So what are we filming?” You will be provided with a selection of scenes from a variety of films. You will then have to examine the original scene and then recreate it. However, you may if you wish, experiment with the scene you have been provided with and possibly:

· Set it in a different location to the original

· Change the gender/age of the characters

· Apply the scene to a different genre

· Change some of the shots that were used in the original scene

There is one restriction on the adjustment’s you can make to the original scene; you cannot adjust the original dialogue in any way. The original dialogue for the scene must mimic the original precisely. For this task you are required to plan, film and edit each scene.



I did a scene from Requiem for a Dream (directed by Darren Aronofsky) where the main character, Sara Goldfarb, is explaining to her son, Harry Goldfarb, why her red dress matters and why it’s important to her. Although I had to keep the tumblr_lkdk221mQg1qzdglao1_500dialogue exactly the same and was unable to alter it at all, I wanted to put a twist on this by changing the overall emotion from sad and down, to inspirational and moving.

Character Info: I wanted Sara Goldfarb’s character to have a very heartwarming and uplifting personality. She justifies why she believes the red dress brings her happiness and gives her hope. While still very emotional, she is very inspirational and is very encouraging while conveying this point.

Character Info: Harry (short for Harriet) Goldfarb, will be the daughter of the main character. She is very curious about her mother lifestyle and a bit (but not too much) aggressive towards her. She cares for her mother and wants to look out for her good intentions.

The original scene has no background music throughout it, but I decided to add music to my version, to help add emotion and give meaning to this scene. Below is the original scene from Requiem for a Dream starring Ellen Burstyn as Sara Goldfarb, and Jared Leto as Harry Goldfarb.




Ma, what is the big deal about the red dress?


I’m I’m going to wear it on…
Oh, you don’t know.
I’m going to be on television.
I got a call and an application and —


C’mon, Ma, who’s pullin’ ya leg?


No no no I’m telling you,
I’m going to being a contestant on television.
I don’t know when yet, they haven’t told me when yet,
but you’ll see how proud you are when you seeImage (4)
your mother in her red dress, television and
golden shoes.


What’s the big deal about being on television?
Those pills ya taken ‘ll kill ya
before ya ever get on, fa christ’s sake!


Big deal? You drove up in a cab.
Did you see who had the best seat?
I’m somebody now Harry.
Everyone likes me.
Soon millions of people will see me
and they’ll all like me.
I’ll tell them about you and your fatherImage (3)
and how good he was to us.

Harry nods. Defeated, he stares at the floor.


It’s a reason to get up in the morning.
It’s a reason to lose weight.
To fit in a red dress.
It’s a reason to smile.
It makes tomorrow all right.

Download the Script


I held auditions for the performing arts students to be in my recreation of my Requiem for a Dream scene.  I pitched my idea to the whole class of 26 , and I gave them the character info and their motivation for these roles.I was a bit nervous because I really didn’t think a lot of people would show up for my audition, but all in all I had a good turn out of about 15 people, 14 who were female, and 1 male.

I wanted to the audition to be private so the people auditioning would feel less intimidation from their onlooking peers. I chose a small blacked out room just next to the original room that everyone was in. The room was more private but it came at a price. This room only had 1 single light in it and was really dark. Even when raised the ISO all the way the picture was still dark as well as more grainy. I then had to colour correct the footage on Final Cut Pro to lighten the picture up. I could have quickly solved this problem by grabbing a light from the studio but I didn’t which cost me some extra work.


After reviewing my footage I made my first and second choices for who I wanted to act in my recreation scene. In the end I got my first choices for both of the actresses I wanted, who I thought best fit the role. I’m very happy to get the actresses that I preferred the most, because I believe that they will perform most suitably. Here are signed consent forms from both of my actresses for the video shoot.


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Above are a few pictures from my actual shoot on February 22nd 2013. I scheduled my kit on Monday the 18th of February, which included a canon 550D camera with a fixed zoom lens, a libec tripod, and a lighting kit (both soft and hard). It was all given to me around 12 o’clock by my instructor Paul, and I started to set up shortly after my lesson.

I did run into a few difficulties though. It took me and my partner, Frankie Burrows, a little more than an hour to put the set together. Who knew that would be the difficult part? So both of my actresses (Molly Lowe-Spicer and Anna Lowne) waited patiently while Frankie and I attempted to put the set up. In the meantime I had them fill out release forms and practice their lines. So first off there wasn’t a spanner in sight which meant we couldn’t secure the nuts and bolts. I searched high and low for one in the studio but could not locate one, it took about half an hour to obtain one from tony, which he found in the teachers lounge. Even with the spanner we were having difficulty with some of the nuts which wouldn’t fit right on the  bolts which was really frustrating. Also some of the set pieces didn’t fit together properly which was also frustrating and annoying. But we made dew with what we had.

I shot many takes to have a lot of footage to work with. I also wanted to experiment with a couple of things to enhance the inspirational emotion that I was trying to create. What I did was increase the lighting during the monologue at the end to add more to the effect of the uplifting scene. For the lighting I used a 65o watt diffused key light and the flo-light with a blue gel on it. This was done with help of  Pete Bendoris and Gareth Skinner, who took the time out of their own schedules to assist me which I really appreciated.


Picture 5
Picture 14
Above is a screen shot of me editing the scene together on Adobe Premier Pro, as well as my edit decision list next to it. The EDL made things quicker as once I knew what shots I wanted to use, all I had to do was put them in chronological order. Below is the fished final product of the recreation of the Requiem for a Dream scene, The Red Dress Matters staring, Molly Lowe-Spicer as Sara Goldfarb, and Anna Lowne and Harriet Goldfarb.

Criteria: 2.2, 2.3, 3.1 & 3.2