What does the spring mean to you? What images does it strike in your mind, make you feel and make you think?

For this task you will be expected to film two short sequences (one city based and one rural) that emphasise imagery associated with the spring. As well as filming you will also be expected to edit the two sequences together in way that identifies the locations as polar opposites but also emphasises their similarities…how you present this is up to you.

Each sequence should only be approximately (more then 30 seconds but less than 1 minute) a minute in length with the final production being no shorter than 1 minute 30 seconds and no longer than two minutes.

You can add audio of your choosing (copyright free is your best option) but please make sure that if you use copyrighted music that you clearly state who owns the rights. It is only expected that this piece will be broadcast via an online platform – YouTube, Vimeo etc…You will be expected to research and plan your productions and this should be submitted as evidence in an appropriate format on your Word Press blog.


For this Assessment task we had to capture the spring in England. This task was particularly difficult for me as being from California it gets pretty obvious when spring time comes around. The sun comes out in nothing but blue skies, and people start dressing for the warm weather wearing, shorts, flip flops, and sun glasses. This wasn’t the case in England this spring. It was snowing for the majority of the production and people were walking around freezing and all bundled up as if a blizzard was about to hit. Apparently this was the coldest spring England has seen in 50 years. It would have been easier to capture the winter. However the task at hand was to show spring time in England as it is and if it happens to be snowing then that’s just it.

I relied on mostly on imagery for the majority of this project. Since I couldn’t film the sun out and shinning, I thought flowers would be a nice alternative. When I think of spring I definitely think of flowers blooming. This was a mission though as there were not many flowers around, I had to hunt for quite sometime to film the ones I got in the end. They did end up really nice I thought (my favorite being the purple and yellow flowers). Also a major contribution to my video were the baby lambs I filmed, they  really make the audience know that this is spring time. I’m from the city so I didn’t know until I moved to this rural area of England that lambs were born in the spring time. This really helped convey the message of the season/time of year and also identifies that the country is a polar opposite from the city.

As for the shots I used such as the train, houseboat, and lady running you might ask what do they have to do with spring? I decided to put them into the video for there own specific reasons. The train shot was put in the video because I took the train down to London, and it represents the connecting factor that both cities and rural areas have, and it links them together. Though they are separate, they both are the same in a sense and have similar things about them. The houseboat floating down the canal was used because the houseboats name is patience and like springtime, England has to wait patiently for it. Also how the boat moves gradually down stream signifies that spring won’t happen over night, but only slowly but surely will it come. Patience is a virtue as some would say. Finally the last shot of a woman running in the park shows determination of  moving forward (leaving winter behind) and getting to the desired location (approaching spring).

Picture 3

Treatment Budget

Download Edit Decision List For Capture The Spring

Download The Treatment Budget for Captue the Spring

Above is my edit decision list (EDL) for my capture the spring video. This also helps with the organization of the editing process by writing down the shots I want from certain clips, and the in and out points that I want to use from those clips . Also above is my treatment budget for making this video. As I did have to pay for transportation to get to my locations to film. Luckily I have family that lives in London so accommodation wasn’t an issue. I didn’t even have to pay for food which was really nice and saved me some money. Since I was the only one filming, I didn’t require a crew so that also saved me money there. Also the music I chose, John Fahey’s Sunflower River Blues, is not copyright free. This would be a problem if I was selling this work and making a profit from it. Since I’m not and I’m only broadcasting via Youtube it shouldn’t be an issue. Overall, transportation was my only cost to making this video possible, coming to a grand total of £66.00

Editing Capture the Spring

I edited this video in Adobe Premier Pro CS3. I did not have to make any proxies for my clips as I have my own computer with an external hardrive so memory wasn’t an issue. There was quite a good amount of clips in the end, so to make it easier I organized all of them by labeling them properly (naming them a title I would remember), putting them into there correct folders (Country/London), and I also colour coded them based on quality from green (great), yellow and orange (okay), to red (bad).Organization of .mov

Criteria: 2.2, 2.3, 3.1 &; 3.2