PART 1 – Initially discuss and explain the purpose and process of the regulatory bodies for TV, film and advertising in the UK.

PART 2 – Examine 1 TV programme, 1 film and 1 TV advertisement that have been banned by the relevant regulatory body and critically reflect on the regulatory bodies decision to ban the production.



The ASA or Advertising Standards Authority regulates advertisements shown in the United Kingdom. They act on complaints made to them as well as regularly checking media to take the necessary steps to make sure adverts aren’t  misleading, offensive, or harmful . In 2011 they received 31,458 complaints for about 22,397 different advertisements, also with checking thousands of other ads. This led to 4,591 ads to be either altered or taken off the air. The BBFC or British Board of Film Censorship look at films and how they impact the audience. They look at issues such as violence, drugs, sex, bad language and discrimination. Based upon the film and its contents they give it a suitable rating and classification.

PART 2 :

Tv: Seinfeld “The Puerto Rican Day” 20th episode of 9th season

This episode of the American sitcom Seinfeld was one of the last ones made. A certain scene in this episode was very controversial. It showed Kramer accidentally setting a Puerto Rican flag on fire with a sparkler then stomping on the flag trying to put it out.  It originally aired in 1998 but after it was showed it was banned from repeating on television until 2002 and some channels didn’t show it until 2012. This episode infuriated many people because they found it very disrespectful towards Puerto Ricans. I feel that they are making fun of Puerto Ricans to some degree but it is all in good humour. I think that if you can’t have a laugh about yourself then you shouldn’t be allowed to laugh about anyone else.

Film: The Exorcist

The Exorcist is known by some as one of the scariest horror movies of it’s time. This film was banned from the United Kingdom until it passed the British Board of Film Censorship in 1990. The Exorcist was originally released in  1973. The film is about a young girl getting possessed by an evil demon and going through the process of an exorcism. This film was banned because many religious believers saw this film as unholy and sinful. The excessive violence and profanity probably didn’t help much either. I understand why the BBFC put the ban on it because it was really controversial for the time period; but it is nothing like the films that are put out there today.

TV Advertisement: Levis Jeans

This advertisement was banned from the United Kingdom, but was still shown worldwide. Censors believed that is was sending the wrong message to british viewers. It shows a woman wanting to change her attire quickly so she goes into a public toilet in a petrol station. The ladies room is locked so she goes into the mens because she is in a hurry. There is man sitting in the mens room with sun glasses and a cane. She changes in front of him thinking he is blind, and then she heads out in a rush. Viewers discover once the woman leaves that the man was not blind but he was assisting someone who is blind and was in the toilet. I can see why this was banned, because it is a little bit creepy that wannabe blind man didn’t say anything when the woman was changing. I find it very surprising that it was banned in the United Kingdom but shown in other places like America because I know America is very strict to what they show and where as the U.K is more lenient.

Criteria 1.3