Evaluate your Idea

Critically evaluate the success of the completed project

Consider the success of the artifact in terms of technical quality and fitness for purpose in accordance with your original brief as well as the working practices and production skills used and developed.

Present it as a final blog entry on your individual Blogs and at the end present a simple action plan that highlights your ability to improve in the future.



The role of a producer is to plan and organize the day to day production of a film. They are usually well established in the acting community and have many locations at there disposal. They are the direct link between these things and the movie director. Our purpose for this project was just to do the same and get this film made.

So how do I think my group did for this unit? I believe that Gareth and myself were very successful in this producer project even though the final video was never made. We had set everything up to the best of our abilities. We  made necessary script amendments as well as acquired actors, and locations in place for filming but it all fell through. But at least we had set everything up in place so if it was going to happen everything would have run really smoothly. And who knows? We could potentially still film it because everything is still properly set up.

Acquiring locations for this story I believe was really simple for our group. It was very convenient that most of the setting was in a pub and I happened to work at a pub. Plus my boss is really nice and said I could film there whenever I needed to. It was especially good as the pub is set in a nice rural setting and could double as multiple locations. Outdoors next to a canal/ and indoors which has 2 bars a restaurant, a TV area, a Snug, and a back garden.

Personally I thought getting actors was probably the most difficult aspect to this project unlike sorting the locations out. We wanted older more believable and experienced actors. Our lecturer Jon Holmes gave us contact information of a former student who is well established with loads of actors who are in the local area, however he never responded back to any of our e-mails. So unfortunately we had to settle for some level 3 actors from the college instead. Although they aren’t as old or experienced as we would have liked, we had no other choice unless we wanted to fork out some cash for some professional actors.

Reflecting back on this task, I really enjoyed acting as a producer. I think I would have liked it more if it was for a project of my own, so I didn’t have to rely on other parties but overall I would say it was a good experience. Gareth and I did our job as producers and ticked off all the boxes that we needed to do. However saying that I do think there are a few things we could have improved on. Such as in our regular meetings we had with Jai Masters, since he was the only one turning up to theses meetings, we should kept insisting to him to let his group know that it was required to turn up and be involved so everyone was kept well informed.

If I was to get another opportunity to properly produce something like this again in the future I would definitely try to keep everyone in the loop, and if they weren’t interested in doing any work, then I would find someone who was. If I were to have another go at this I think I would focus more toward getting suitable actors for the position as it comes across as more believable in the film. Also I would have like to follow through with some of our other ideas. For instance getting the media make-up department to provide us with makeup so our characters could look older possibly with wrinkles and dyed grey hair.

This has been a real learning experience for me and I’ve gained a lot of organization and communication skills in the process of being a producer. I realize that some aspects of it can be really easy but others a bit more difficult. but I guess thats with almost everything right?

Criteria: 4.1 & 4.2