What is research?



Research is the structured investigation and analysis of different materials with references to establish factual information and to achieve to new conclusions.


Writing Structure:

Primarily start with the introduction that sheds light the topic and enlightens the reader of what to expect from the assignment.

Secondly do a bit of review around the topic so the reader will obtain a bit of insight of the subject matter.

After that supply the reader with methodical information based upon the topic and inform them about where you obtained this through research.

The next step would be to recognize common themes and analyze this data and then compare and contrast possible similarities together.

Finally conclude everything up by tying all the research information together and forming own conclusions.


Research Methods:

Statistical Data

Historical data


News Articles



Types of research:


Quantitative research is constructed from indisputable facts and information such as statistical data, usually in forms of graphs, diagraphs, and charts.


Qualitative research is formed based upon people opinions and views. This can include open-ended questionnaires, unstructured interviews, and observations.



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