Here I helped Dumitru Langham BSC conduct an interview for ADHD Solutions in Leicester. It took two days to film. Demitru set up appointments to film a wide range of people in various age groups that are diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. The first day Joey Lever and I had set up the 3 point lighting using redheads, 1 profiling key light which was diffused and 2 fill lights.  Demitru was filming the interviews, Joey was on audio, and I was documenting everything. The second day Demitru was filming again while I was on audio with the zoom microphone, and also documenting everything. Demitru and I had set up the lights this time only using two flolights that were both diffused. Above is the footage that I recored documenting the interview as well as the procedure of the production. None of the audio from the zoom mic was used in this video. I edited in Adobe Premier Pro and used copyright free music called Aretes produced by Kevin Macleod. Below is a picture of me setting up the one of the redhead lights on day one (photo credit to Joey Lever).img_3074