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As Far As It Takes

For this task you are required to create a short fiction production for entry into the 2013 Inspire Film Festival.

In order to assist you with your idea your lecturer will provide you with three key components; an item, a location and a phrase. It is important that these components are effectively included in the narrative and also that they have a significant contribution to the structure of the narrative. For Example, the item should have a key role in the narrative and not just be on show in the background – it needs to be there for a reason. Secondly, the location needs to be used for a reason, not just part of the background with no significance – any location could be used. Finally, the phrase needs to be a key part of the script, so not just a radio recording in the background or a conversation by two extras.

“So how do we proceed?” Firstly you need to come up with an idea for a short fiction film. This will require research, planning and the development of a script (in an appropriate format). Once you have an idea you will be expected to pitch your proposal. This can be conducted in a variety of ways and the choice is up to you – video pitch (KickStarter style), PowerPoint presentation or and audio recording. Whichever choice you make your proposal should be accompanied by a paper based written proposal.

Once your pitch/proposal has been delivered you will then be expected to continue with your pre-production, production and post-production –providing evidence of the progress you make and also keeping an up to date Reflective Learning Journal (RLJ).

Your finished video should be between 5 – 10 minutes in length.


video pitch

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Picture 9EPSON MFP image


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Picture 12Picture 13






















































Above are release and consent forms from both of the actors that played a role in the video as well as the script and storyboard for As Far As It Takes.

To download the Script: Click Here

Picture 12

I edited this video in Adobe Premier Pro CS3, Above is the completed first half of the video. It took two and a half  days to film. We also had to cancel a day of filming due to weather, and another day because the actors had prior engagements. Below is a bit of the footage (as there was loads) and I gave each clip a proper title I could remember while editing and I colour coded them from red to green based on quality. This helped the editing process and made it much easier to find and navigate through them.

Picture 9

Below is a screenshot from Adobe After Effects CS5, where I made the gun a bit more realistic as it was just a toy guy. I gave it a muzzle flash and gave the gun a bit of a recoil as well. Since this little scene is a premonition, I played with the blue and green gamma to make it more of a dream like state. I also made a duplicate layer which I brought up the light areas in the frame using individual levels and then put a vertical fast blur with them. I blended them together and blurred the corners of the film using a mask. This effectively gave me what I needed for this scene.

Picture 10

Criteria: 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 3.1 & 3.2 

Return to Fobidden Planet

This is my client video I did for Bernice Rowan who is the Drama teacher at Brooksby Melton College, She needed it for her play, Return to  the Forbidden Planet. During the live performance the video will be projected on a upside down triangle screen. The video goes back in the past and explains the story behind the main character Prospero, and why he is in space because his wife Gloria chloroformed him  and sent him away in a spaceship with their daughter.

Project Proposal

 Aims and Objectives of Project

The Director would like a short film made as part of the creative content of the piece.

It will be related directly to a narrative outlined in the script and the finish will need to be in black and white and potentially have a ‘scratchy’ visual as it is supposed to represent events in someone’s memory.

It is set in a physics laboratory so an appropriate location will need to be sourced. There will be no dialogue as this happens live over the film in the final show.

Screen is an upside down equilateral triangle 3m per side.

Identification of Target Audience (needs & expectations)

The final product will be played in context in the final performance to a public audience.

Date of performances: 13th/14th June

 Story Outline/Treatment


My wife Gloria

Who I loved and trusted

I put in charge of my lab

The government had set me on a secret project,

and I had come up with the secret formula

I had neglected my wife and daughter as I had been so busy

my wife changed and evil grew within her

Just as we completed the project she struck me and bound me by my hands and feet

She put me on a spacecraft (an old wreck) and launched me into the galaxy

but my daughter was sleeping in it

That was the worse part


Fobidden Planet Storyboard


Begin filming week of Monday 6/05/13

Deadline of finished product 17/05/13


Budget (Based on professional standards)

£25.00 per hour filming and editing, maximum of 10 hours/ £250.00


Location plans

Lab Scene: in the back of C-20 in Brooksby Melton College

Inside the Space Ship: boiler room of Brooksby Melton College


Lighting Plans

3 Point lighting


Equipment list:

Canon 550D

Man Froto T550

Photon Beard 3 point lighting kit w/ diffusers


Crew list (Job descriptions)

Richard Holmes Director/Cinematographer/Editor


Meeting Records

Tuesday 16/04/13

Wednesday 24/04/13

Risk Asessment

Above is the risk assessment for filming in the Brooksby’s boiler room. I told everyone who went down there that there is dangerous electrical equipment, and very hot pipes to be cautious of. I had checked to see if any of the actors/actresses had asthma as that might have been a big problem as it would be really difficult for them to breathe in those conditions.














Above are the release and consent forms for the three actor/actresses who performed in the client video. As the are two different casts for the play I had to make two versions of the video with both actresses who play Gloria.

Picture 9


Above are all the clips that I gave an appropriate name too and color coded from green to red based upon quality. This organization helped in the long run with the editing process by finding the clips with ease and seeing which ones were better than the others.
Picture 2Picture 8

Above are screen shots the video being edited in Adobe After Effects. In the video, Gloria’s identity remains confidential because you find out in the end of the live performance that she is one of the main characters. So I blurred out her face apart from her eyes by creating a mask around her eyes then using a gaussian blur. This way it doesn’t reveal too much and give away the surprise in the end. I also made the footage black and white and put a really scratchy 8 mm film look to it. Since the screen for the live performance was an upside down equilateral triangle I also put a mask around it to create this. Besides After Effects I used Adobe Premier Pro to edit this.

Criteria: 1.1,1.2, 1.3, 2.1, 2.2, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4, & 3.5

Evaluation of your Promotional Video Production:

You must critically evaluate your Promotional Video, not only at the end, but during all key stages of the production/planning process. This can take the form of comments on posts or within the posts themselves.

In your evidence you should consider the following:

Finished Product

  • Finished product
  • technical & aesthetic quality
  • suitability for purpose
  • meeting deadline
  • client & audience feedback.

Production Skills

  • Technical competence
  • Workflow and time management
  • Teamworking



On Monday 29th of April with the BSC’s we did a critical analysis of our Young Creative Chevrolet video submissions. It was good because we didn’t really know anyone personally on the BSC course, so that means that they would be more honest with the feedback rather than not trying to hurt our feelings. A total of 12 videos were submitted before the deadline from all of us and we watched them as a group and gave each other verbal and written feedback. The written feedback was anonymous so people wouldn’t be as afraid to write their honest opinions.

We watched everyones video twice, and my video was the first one to be shown.  The verbal comments were: It definitely explains the rules of football, the music works and is very upbeat with a good pace, and I had some nice visuals shown. It was nice to hear that I had hit all the criteria from the brief. There was also some exceptional verbal constructive criticism such as: The progression of the kid could have been a bit better, and shot of the television could have been better as well.

When we got the anonymous comments back to us, I received many mixed remarks. Some of them were nice saying: it was a clever was to explain the rules of football, good narrative, the editing was great, shots were nice with great composition and cinematography. The anonymous constructive criticism were:

  • Music is not upbeat just simple and slow
  • Too literal at explaining the rules of football
  • Editing was standard
  • Composition/Framing wasn’t great
  • Focus pull could have been more fluid
  • And almost everyone agreed that it does not make non-fans into fans

Having this all sink in, I try to justify some of it. I agree the music isn’t as upbeat as it could be but to my defense it’s really difficult to find copyright free music that works, and this music worked so perfectly with the family theme I was going for. As someone stated we were too literal at explaining rules of football, well that bit of the criteria was pretty vague, as explaining the rules could mean a possibility of things however you interpret it really. I would have to agree that we took it for its most literal sense and got a father explaining to his son the actual rules. I also agree and hold my hands up that the shot of the television wasn’t the best composition, we had to shoot the T.V off to the side to not get the actual picture in frame because of copyright infringement, which was a bit difficult with such a thin television. Finally almost everyone agreed that it doesn’t make non-fans into fans, nobody said yes but a few said it was possible but others just clearly said no. I guess it depends on how you look at it. The story is supposed to be about a father making his son into a great football fan isn’t that sufficient?

I guess with media everyone has their own opinions based upon their beliefs which is fine. It is good to get outside feedback and opinions because potentially it can make you look at your piece in a different way, and improve your video and make the necessary changes to better it.

I think the finished product is not too bad. I edited this video to cutting to the beat and also giving the audience something new and fresh to look at so they wouldn’t get bored. I do believe it could have been improve in many ways during production, such as the progression of the child. This was a bit confusing and if we would have had it right it would have been perfect. My partner, Jordan Schofield, used his siblings as the younger kids, and could only get his younger sister to play the littlest role. The thing about it is, you can blatantly tell it’s a girl wearing all pink, with a ponytail, and playing with a stuffed unicorn. Then the second kid has brown hair, and finally its me at the end with ginger hair. I know the concept is there but just with a little more planning we could have possibly have made this work. Also we weren’t the best at managing our time for this project. We had months to plan as as me and my partner were good for the majority of this, we lacked in executing our plan. We filmed only a few weeks before the deadline, and also the middle scene when the father is explaining the rules of football we had only shot a few day prior to this. Besides this major flaw, I believe Jordan and I were an amazing team.

Update: WON 3rd place in the United Kingdom!

Criteria: 4.1 & 4.2