This will be a practical task where you use the technical codes and conventions of film making, alongside the styles and theories we have studied in these sessions to create a cinematic trailer for the Level 3 Acting Performance of ‘Macbeth’.

For this task we will work as a whole group on both a Thursday and Friday to devise, plan and create the trailer in time for the evening of the performance.

The emphasis will be on applying the experimental techniques we have studied in the film studies project, with the standard techniques developed in the Fiction Project, alongside the technical knowledge developed in the Friday sessions, to produce a striking, experimental trailer that suitably portrays the central themes to the viewer.

Length of overall trailer will be: 90 – 120 seconds.


You will then critically analyse the finished trailer, via a video analysis which should contain detailed analysis of meaning creation triggered by the use of technical codes, but should be presented in a similar style to IGN Rewind Theatre:



Our class got together with the level 3 performing arts students to create a short promotional video for their upcoming show “Macbeth.” It was a very rigorous all day shoot. All of it was shot with a canon 7D and 550D down in the boiler room of our college. It was the perfect scenery for the look we were trying accomplish and gave a great overall atmosphere and tone to the video. We each took turns taking a considerable amount of  time to compose each of our shots, making sure we light our shots perfectly. We decided to use two 300 watt lights with one 650 watt key light. We also used a selection Carl Zeiss prime lenses which gave our shots a very distinct look and feel to them. This limited our depth of field which meant our actors/actresses had to hit specific marks in order to be in focus. The opening shot we used the glide track to film a demented baby doll, we also had to hit certain marks with the use of timing to the song we decided to edit with. Altogether this day went extremely well with the help of  everyone collaborating efficiently.

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Criteria: 1.1