While I was in London filming the city portion for my capture the spring in England, My cousin asked me to film his band having a jam session. I thought this was a great opportunity for me to capture some of their original work, and help my cousin out promoting his band. This was filmed in the late night of my aunties kitchen in Hackney, East London. Barry, my cousin, is the one playing the guitar. This song is called All the Time in the World, and it is about people with too much time on there hands. I picked this song out of all the ones I filmed because it has such a unique sound and catchy melody with the ukulele, as well as the excellent lyrics, they are just the icing on the cake. The singer has so much passion while singing this song it is unbelievable. I originally wasn’t going to post this on my wordpress, but I really loved it that much I had too. Although it’s just one shot and unedited, I still filmed it, and I’m glad I did. This is a great video to have and I’m sure it will promote there band further and get there music out there.