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Produce the Promotional Video:

You must shoot, log, edit and post-produce the final Promotional Video.

To evidence your production process you should log the following things in your Online Digital Portfolio:


  • Production Techniques, e.g. single camera, multi-camera, sound and music dubs, studio, location, performance, staged, lip sync; formats;
  • Management, eg allocate roles and responsibilities, communicate with the client and the team, manage a budget, control logistics

Post – Production content to include:

  • Organisation: e.g. gather material; log material; proxies; EDL; to gather and order all material appropriately using a professional logging system
  • Edit, e.g. Assembly/Offline edit; rough cut, final/Online edit;
  • Effects, e.g. sound, graphics, transitions;
  • Export, eg file type, file size


Link to planning of the promotional Project including storyboards and call sheets:

Production: The beginning and ending scene we used two Canon 550D cameras to make things a bit easier,  and for the middle scene we only used a single Canon 550D camera. For  the beginning and ending scenes all of our shots were on a Libec tripod, and there were usually still shots apart from a few pan shots. The middle scene since we filmed that in the studio we utilized the Manfrotto tripod on the track to get some nice dolly shots. We also had some fun with this scene doing some focus pulls and some mild zooms. Our location for the beginning scene was Jordan Schofield’s house and the ending scene we shot in the park next to the college. Jordan was allocated director as he planned the concept and story for the video.  I was on camera, cinematography, and editing. Gareth Skinner also helped with lighting and some camera work.

Screen Shot of chevy edit

Post Production: I edited this video using Adobe Premier Pro CS3. It  was a short 1 minute edit and most of the work was just in pre-production. For the audio I used a royalty free song called ‘Continue Life’ by Kevin Macleod. The song was originally  1:54  long in length, so I because the contest allowed for 20 seconds to 1:30 I had to edit it a bit, in the end each scene had their individual but very similar part of the song. I also used a royalty free sound effect from of a football stadium atmosphere and the crowd cheering. Chevy Organisation

Here is a screen shot of me organizing all my music into separate folders and my video shots by labeling them properly and color coding them based upon quality. The contest submission had to be in two different formats on two different dvds. One being a large format for viewing 768×432 (16:9 aspect ratio), no larger than 80 MB, and the second one was a small format for sharing 320 (16:9 aspect ratio), no larger than 6 MB.  The end credits I also had to download Chevrolets specific font that they created and use Adobe Photoshop to stick them in there.


Criteria: 3.1 & 3.2



This will be a practical task where you use the technical codes and conventions of film making, alongside the styles and theories we have studied in these sessions to create a cinematic trailer for the Level 3 Acting Performance of ‘Macbeth’.

For this task we will work as a whole group on both a Thursday and Friday to devise, plan and create the trailer in time for the evening of the performance.

The emphasis will be on applying the experimental techniques we have studied in the film studies project, with the standard techniques developed in the Fiction Project, alongside the technical knowledge developed in the Friday sessions, to produce a striking, experimental trailer that suitably portrays the central themes to the viewer.

Length of overall trailer will be: 90 – 120 seconds.


You will then critically analyse the finished trailer, via a video analysis which should contain detailed analysis of meaning creation triggered by the use of technical codes, but should be presented in a similar style to IGN Rewind Theatre:



Our class got together with the level 3 performing arts students to create a short promotional video for their upcoming show “Macbeth.” It was a very rigorous all day shoot. All of it was shot with a canon 7D and 550D down in the boiler room of our college. It was the perfect scenery for the look we were trying accomplish and gave a great overall atmosphere and tone to the video. We each took turns taking a considerable amount of  time to compose each of our shots, making sure we light our shots perfectly. We decided to use two 300 watt lights with one 650 watt key light. We also used a selection Carl Zeiss prime lenses which gave our shots a very distinct look and feel to them. This limited our depth of field which meant our actors/actresses had to hit specific marks in order to be in focus. The opening shot we used the glide track to film a demented baby doll, we also had to hit certain marks with the use of timing to the song we decided to edit with. Altogether this day went extremely well with the help of  everyone collaborating efficiently.

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Criteria: 1.1


What does the spring mean to you? What images does it strike in your mind, make you feel and make you think?

For this task you will be expected to film two short sequences (one city based and one rural) that emphasise imagery associated with the spring. As well as filming you will also be expected to edit the two sequences together in way that identifies the locations as polar opposites but also emphasises their similarities…how you present this is up to you.

Each sequence should only be approximately (more then 30 seconds but less than 1 minute) a minute in length with the final production being no shorter than 1 minute 30 seconds and no longer than two minutes.

You can add audio of your choosing (copyright free is your best option) but please make sure that if you use copyrighted music that you clearly state who owns the rights. It is only expected that this piece will be broadcast via an online platform – YouTube, Vimeo etc…You will be expected to research and plan your productions and this should be submitted as evidence in an appropriate format on your Word Press blog.


For this Assessment task we had to capture the spring in England. This task was particularly difficult for me as being from California it gets pretty obvious when spring time comes around. The sun comes out in nothing but blue skies, and people start dressing for the warm weather wearing, shorts, flip flops, and sun glasses. This wasn’t the case in England this spring. It was snowing for the majority of the production and people were walking around freezing and all bundled up as if a blizzard was about to hit. Apparently this was the coldest spring England has seen in 50 years. It would have been easier to capture the winter. However the task at hand was to show spring time in England as it is and if it happens to be snowing then that’s just it.

I relied on mostly on imagery for the majority of this project. Since I couldn’t film the sun out and shinning, I thought flowers would be a nice alternative. When I think of spring I definitely think of flowers blooming. This was a mission though as there were not many flowers around, I had to hunt for quite sometime to film the ones I got in the end. They did end up really nice I thought (my favorite being the purple and yellow flowers). Also a major contribution to my video were the baby lambs I filmed, they  really make the audience know that this is spring time. I’m from the city so I didn’t know until I moved to this rural area of England that lambs were born in the spring time. This really helped convey the message of the season/time of year and also identifies that the country is a polar opposite from the city.

As for the shots I used such as the train, houseboat, and lady running you might ask what do they have to do with spring? I decided to put them into the video for there own specific reasons. The train shot was put in the video because I took the train down to London, and it represents the connecting factor that both cities and rural areas have, and it links them together. Though they are separate, they both are the same in a sense and have similar things about them. The houseboat floating down the canal was used because the houseboats name is patience and like springtime, England has to wait patiently for it. Also how the boat moves gradually down stream signifies that spring won’t happen over night, but only slowly but surely will it come. Patience is a virtue as some would say. Finally the last shot of a woman running in the park shows determination of  moving forward (leaving winter behind) and getting to the desired location (approaching spring).

Picture 3

Treatment Budget

Download Edit Decision List For Capture The Spring

Download The Treatment Budget for Captue the Spring

Above is my edit decision list (EDL) for my capture the spring video. This also helps with the organization of the editing process by writing down the shots I want from certain clips, and the in and out points that I want to use from those clips . Also above is my treatment budget for making this video. As I did have to pay for transportation to get to my locations to film. Luckily I have family that lives in London so accommodation wasn’t an issue. I didn’t even have to pay for food which was really nice and saved me some money. Since I was the only one filming, I didn’t require a crew so that also saved me money there. Also the music I chose, John Fahey’s Sunflower River Blues, is not copyright free. This would be a problem if I was selling this work and making a profit from it. Since I’m not and I’m only broadcasting via Youtube it shouldn’t be an issue. Overall, transportation was my only cost to making this video possible, coming to a grand total of £66.00

Editing Capture the Spring

I edited this video in Adobe Premier Pro CS3. I did not have to make any proxies for my clips as I have my own computer with an external hardrive so memory wasn’t an issue. There was quite a good amount of clips in the end, so to make it easier I organized all of them by labeling them properly (naming them a title I would remember), putting them into there correct folders (Country/London), and I also colour coded them based on quality from green (great), yellow and orange (okay), to red (bad).Organization of .mov

Criteria: 2.2, 2.3, 3.1 &; 3.2 


While I was in London filming the city portion for my capture the spring in England, My cousin asked me to film his band having a jam session. I thought this was a great opportunity for me to capture some of their original work, and help my cousin out promoting his band. This was filmed in the late night of my aunties kitchen in Hackney, East London. Barry, my cousin, is the one playing the guitar. This song is called All the Time in the World, and it is about people with too much time on there hands. I picked this song out of all the ones I filmed because it has such a unique sound and catchy melody with the ukulele, as well as the excellent lyrics, they are just the icing on the cake. The singer has so much passion while singing this song it is unbelievable. I originally wasn’t going to post this on my wordpress, but I really loved it that much I had too. Although it’s just one shot and unedited, I still filmed it, and I’m glad I did. This is a great video to have and I’m sure it will promote there band further and get there music out there.