On Friday the 8th of February, Pete Bendoris, Joey Lever, Gareth Skinner, and myself filmed Paul Lee who does covers of Meatloaf at Brooksby Melton College. This was the first time he had his friends along side him to duets and collaborations of classic rock at it’s very best. All four of us had our own Canon 550D with multiple memory cards and batteries if we happened to run out. We filmed 1080 x 1920 at 25 frames per second. I shot on stage left with an 80mm fixed lens and my job was to get close-ups, facial expressions and play around with the manuel focus and do focal pulls to change the depth of field. The show lasted 2 hours with a 30 minute break in-between. We used the break to export all of the footage we shot onto our Macs. For the audio used in the video we had the audio technician in the sound booth record the entire show straight to one of our Macs. Pete Bendoris did a lovely job directing and planning out all the details because he had the most experience with multi-camera shoots.

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Photos taken by Joey Lever.

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I edited this video in Adobe Premier Pro, using the footage we captured I decided on the opening song from Paul Lee’s performance  “Anything for Love” a tribute from Meatloaf. I wanted to use Adobe Premier because I am not that familiar with it as I mostly use Final Cut Pro.

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I also used Adobe photoshop for the title “Meatloaf and friends” taken from a flyer off of his website. I erased the background and then stuck the image into Adobe After Effects, I used a glow effect around the lettering, added in rain, and used key motion for a Ken Burns effect.

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The one problem we did run into was that because Pete Bendoris and I were facing each other we did pop up here and there in bits of the video. Next time we should possibly have a 5th and 6th camera person to have more footage to cut too when we appear in each others shots. Overall I believe we did a great job considering the amount of time we had to get ready, plan everything out, and get all set up.


Me and Gareth Skinner on stage after the show had ended (and Gareth throwing up the west side).