The French New Wave started in 1954 with a magazine writer named François Troufault. He wrote a 20 page article in the ‘Cahiers du Cinema’ or Cinema Magazine, titled, “ A Certain Tendency in French Cinema.” He stated that French cinema was dead, and was too literary, or script lead. There wasn’t anything creative behind it, and Troufault said “what’s so filmic about that?” He said, “why not simply read a book or watch a play if you want people just to talk.”He also stated, “It’s as if montage and expressionism never happened.” This caused a lot of controversy everywhere; So writer François Troufault turned into a director and banned together with Andre Bazin and Jean Luc Goddard. They assembled to write their  manifesto on what they believed filming should be all about. They wrote rules up based upon there ideologies and policies. They were trying to legitimize that film was an art form and they also wanted to stick it to the government with these rules. They believed that everyone should follow these rules when it comes to film. First they wanted long takes, They didn’t use scripts or professional actors, they didn’t believe in a non-linear narrative or plot lead stories, no artificial lights were to be used, and there were no restraints of time and space. They used jump cuts frequently, as well as freeze frames and titles. The actors would also talk to the camera breaking down the fourth wall, and sometimes the director would do voice-overs explaining to the audience what was happening in the film. This had never been done before and these techniques are widely used by filmmakers today.

This is a clip from Jean Luc Godard’s 1960’s film, “A Bout de Souffle” or “Breathless”. It is one of the most recognized and influential films of the French New Wave. In this film you can see that there is no definite plot, there are loads of long shots, and many used jump cuts. This movie was really influential for its time, and the French New Wave set up loads of filming/editing techniques that had never been used before. It established that filmmaking was in fact an art form rather than just a screen play on film.


Aim: –>(Evidence for Task 1)

This was a one day task to make a video showing french new wave techniques. We were put into groups of 5 my group included, Brad Raiser, Frankie Burrows, Jordan Schofield, Andrew Miles, and myself.

Evidence – practically- that we understand “codes and conventions of French new waves’’

9:45 am-12:00 pm: Devise concept and shoot footage

1:00 pm- 2:45 pm: Complete our edit

Can only be 30 to 60 seconds long

Has to be black and white