Here our HND Media class did an exercise mock interview for a talk show. Vicky Grant, Garreth Skinner, and Pete Bendoris were our subjects for this demonstration. All of them set up the white curtain background for this interview as well as get comfy chairs and flowers for the table to add effect. Bradley Raiser is shown on the ladder correctly adjusting our lighting for this task. He is wearing thick gloves to avoid burning himself on the hot light while Sam Shannon is stabilizing the ladder. We decided to use a blue lighting gel to one of our background lights to add effect to the curtain background. This made the set look really nice and somewhat professional. I was operating the second camera out of three, while Emily Benham was on the first one and San Shannon was on the third. Each of us at different angles to cut from ones shot to the next. Craig Ellis, Joey Lever, and  Andrew Miles were in charge of hooking these three camera to the vision mixer. Once on the screen we can look at all the shots together or just one at a time. If this was a real interview we would record it live and someone would be on the vision mixer cutting from shot to shot when applicable (Example: a single shot of Pete asking our interviewees a question then to a wide shot of all three of them responding to that question). The whole point of this exercise was to get us used to the studio setup and more familiar with what it entails. I learnt a lot about the a studio setup and am more comfortable working in that environment. The last time I had any practice in a studio was at my high school in 2007. I was in charge of the vision mixer and operating cameras for our schools news programme. I was a bit rusty before this so this was great  a great help getting me back in the swing of things.