Critically Evaluate the Completed sequence/film: 

BMC Life In A Day Documentary

Critically reflect on your edit for film editing assesment Task 4.

The aim of this task is for you to critically analyse and reflect upon the success of the above task within the criteria of the editing styles and movements we have covered.

The evaluation would typically include:

  • Finished product: technical quality; aesthetic quality; suitability for purpose; compared withproduction specification; own contribution to product; team’s contribution; meeting deadline;client feedback; audience feedback
  • Production skills: technical competence; workflow and time management; productionmanagement; teamworking


For this assessment  task 5, I had to critically assess the video I did for task 4 in film editing, which is my BMC Life in a Day Documentary ( To get a critical evaluation, I had to get an outside view and opinion on my video, rather than just my own look on it . In class, we screened almost everyones Life in Day videos to evaluate and give feedback to one another about our own edits. After watching my Life in a Day, I had some encouraging yet critical feedback.

At the beginning of my video I start out with Jordan, Andrew, and Joey Skype calling each other at 2 minutes past midnight. I found this part the least exciting bit of the video because it’s just a lengthy minute and a half conversation which I thought that this would turn some viewers off. I was told that the cutting between the three of them talking, was a pleasant change of pace and good look from each one of their perspectives rather than just a single continuous shot. I was also told that the overall structure of the video was put together well. That each clip flowed into the next one, and there were no sudden stops or pauses that were present. Lastly I was told  that use of clocks throughout the video was a nice way to establish time; such as Joey’s clock hanging on the wall while he is cooking, and Jordan’s Computer as well as him using his ipod were all very helpful way to determine a good sense of time.

This brings me to the more critical aspects of my life in a day video. First off I was asked about the font I had chosen for the whole of my video. Well besides the red font I used for the question “what do you love?” I really didn’t have a good enough answer. The red font was chosen because most people associate the colour red with love, as for the beginning title and the ending credits, I really couldn’t tell you why I selected them. I thought my beginning title was a really nice fancy script lettering that resembled the victorian style font. I really only picked it because it I believe it just has more style from any other straight letters. The ending credits are just a typical font in Final Cut Pro and I just left them they way they were because I wanted them to be really legible to the audience. I was told told that any specific font you use gives the video a certain feel to it and should be kept consistent all through the video. Next is the audio thats in the video. My audio levels weren’t very stable and flowing as the could have been. Some of it was clearly audible, as some was quite soft. I was told that I got to double check all the audio levels to make sure it’s all consistent, to avoid the hassle of turning it up when it’s quiet and turning it down when it’s not. This brings be to the music I Choose and the reason I hand picked it. Again other example of me using it only because I’m really fond of the beat and syncing the video clips up with it. This is not necessarily a bad decision, but I was told to bear in mind that I sometimes should use music with connotation or symbolism behind the message I’m trying to deliver; Such as for the beginning waking up and getting ready montage I should took into consideration music about the morning such as the 90’s song, Every Morning by Sugar Ray. It would have connected better and brought a little more meaning behind what the audience viewed.

Overall I believe the video was pretty decent, but still could be improved more in particular aspects to bring a better general ambience altogether. Now I know to always make sure all of my audio levels are the same, and to contemplate carefully on the font and music that I decide on. I should always remember to keep the font the same throughout, and remember that every font has a certain mood and feeling associated behind it, as does the music. In the future this will definitely make me think more thoroughly about the little decisions I make, because potentially these things can change the overall tone and feeling you want to be projected in your video.

Criteria: 4.1 & 4.2