Focus Pull Script and Storyboard For Lighting a Scene:

By Richard Holmes

Fade In:Image

A low wide establishing shot looking up of long dimly lit corridor (use mini tripod). Natural light is coming through the
windows, and a light at the far end of the corridor (left side) is flickering off and on every couple of seconds staying on for only for a moment.

A man comes out from a room and into an abandoned corridor and starts walking up (right side of the frame) towards the
exit of the corridor. (Towards the camera). Focal pull as he get closer to the exit.

Cut to a mid shot from the side (showing the natural light from the windows falling on him) and a slow track shot of the man walking toward the exit. He is positioned to the left side of the shot giving him plenty of room to walk showing that he
is heading towards the exit.

Cuts back to the establishing low long shot of the corridor. The man is still walking on the right side of the corridor; he is about half way to the exit (where the camera is Image (2)positioned) the light in the background is still flickering on the left side of the screen but out of focus. The light is on then goes off, when it comes back on there is a blurry figure standing right underneath it. The man is unaware of this mysterious figure behind him and continues walking towards the exit.

Over the shoulder track shot of the man walking on the left side of the frame with the exit door on the right side of frame in view.  A distanced mumbled voice that incomprehensible makes the man slowly stop right before getting to the exit.

Cuts back to the establishing long shot (only this isn’t on the mini tripod but a regular tripod to include the mans facial expressions). The man is in front of camera (right side of frame) staring just pass the camera ( he looks confused as well as a bit afraid). The blurry figure is still on the left side with the light still flickering on and off. He slowly turns (right) to face the blurry figure. As the man finishes turning around and is fully facing the figure the focus get pulled to reveal who the mysterious figure is. The distance mumbled voice is now clear and the now clear figure yells, “ What are you doing?  I said get out of here! RUN!

Image (3)Cuts to a mid shot with the exit just over the right side of the mans shoulder. His facial expression shows he is less afraid but more confused.

Cuts back to an over the shoulder shot of the man with the figure still in focus. A masked man comes from around the corner by the figure and runs fast toward the man standing by the exit.

Final shot is a fast point of view(of masked man) long track shot approaching the man. His facial expression is now frightened beyond all belief as the camera  . The man screams as the camera is toward the end of the track. Then it cuts to black.