This was a one day task to complete a scene and a half of footage given to use that we have never seen before and only had the script to work off of. My teacher Paul had shot this a year ago but it hasnt been edited until now. This one day task was to give us an idea of what it would be like in the business of editing in the real world at a major corporation, and having to complete a task handed to you that you have not seen before before the day is done. The point was also to make sure continutity was believable to the audience watching. This scene starts out with the main character in a coffee shop before her meeting with her probation officer at the probation office. She is staring at a couple across the room and her expression in her face is saying that she wishes what they had. It then fades to black and then fades in to her going to the probation office and talking to her probation officer for the first time. She obviously doesnt seem to be happy to be there, but who really would?

Picture 2

Here is my edit decision list for this project. It has all the shots that I wanted and used for this video.