‘Why Let Christmas Good Times Go Bad?’ video competition

Drink Awareness Campaign Advertisement (Contest) Submission

Drinkaware invites YOU to create a short film aimed at young adults highlighting the importance of having a good time this Christmas, while drinking responsibly.

Refer to one or more of the following ‘Why let good times go bad?’ campaign tips when creating your video:
* Turning down a drink is less embarrassing than throwing one up
* Eating isn’t cheating
* Miss a round, not the whole night
* Take cash on its own, when it’s gone, head home
* What’s the big rush? Drink too much, too early and you’ll miss out
* Alternate alcoholic drinks with soft ones

Synopsis: It fades from black to a pair of friends that are in a pub and they’ve just finished their pints of lager. One friend leaves and returns shortly to find his other friend has purchased him another pint. He says, “Here you are Mate.” Then it zooms in on the friends eyes and while he thinking, we hear sound effects describing if he would have had another pint and if he got too drunk, such as people arguing, and then a blurry visual of himself throwing up with a sound of a toilet flushing. Then the friends blinks and comes back around and instead or rudely refusing the already paid drink, he simply responds, “Thanks, but I think I’ll wait a bit.” It then has a shot of the two pints and at the bottom of the screen the campaign tip: Turning down a drink is less embarrassing than throwing one up. Then it slowly fades out.

Filmed by: Frankie Burrows, Richard Holmes
Staring: Richard Holmes, Jordan Schofield, Frankie Burrows
Edited by: Richard Holmes
Lighting by: Frankie Burrows, Jordan Schofield, Richard Holmes


Here we are beginning to set up our 3 point lighting, making sure all lighting wires are taped to the ground, the tripod is secure,  and establishing our shot for the drink awareness video.

Picture 1

Here is a screenshot of myself editing the drink awareness video in Final Cut Pro using the shots that I have picked out and put in my edit decision list.

Below are release and consent forms signed by the manager of the pub and by myself to give us permission to film there . Drink Awareness also needed consent from everyone starring in the video so we had to sign there consent forms as well.