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Produce an original, edited sequence:

Using the newly acquired knowledge from the above 3 TASKs, put it into practice to Devise and Produce a short, original film production that incorporates all the key principals of Montage and Editing Production.

In small groups of 4/5 members conduct Production and Post-production processes in accordance with the styles and Movements studied previously.

Each student must create their own edit of the experiment, combining picture and sound to enhance production aesthetics.

The aim of this task is to not only evidence and develop your technical competencies at this early stage of the course and your knowledge of a 1080p, digital workflow, but also for you to illustrate how you can apply theory into practice in a clearly defined style/genre.


This video is based off of the 2011 documentary life in a day, which consists of submitted video clips from youtube showing different peoples experiences on a single day of July the 24th, 2010. The film is about 95 minutes long and it received 80,000 submitted clips, which in total was 4,500 hours of footage from 192 different nations. My video is a miniature version based off of life in a day. It it comprised of footage from myself and my fellow peers enrolled in Brooksby’s Melton College Media Department. All the footage was shot on November the 7th of 2012. It shows various aspects of the daily lives of a media college student living in England.

Picture 3









Picture 13

Picture 14











I edited this video in final cut pro and as you can see there are numerous layers of audio and video tracks. There was so much footage submitted for this, but not nearly as much as the 4,500 hours that the actual life in a day had. I organised my footage in different bins and colour coded them according to quality of footage and  if they were interesting or not. This made things a bit more easier when it came to editing the video. It was really hard to decide what to footage to use and what footage to leave out of it. Eventually i decided on my clips  I wanted and made an EDL. I will always remember you can never finish editing a video but only abandon it, otherwise you would spend eternity making minor alterations here and there. All in all I am very pleased with the end result.

Organisation/Proxies/Logging/Labeling of Edit: Criteria: 2.1, 2.2 & 2.3

Assembly and Edit of Footage: Criteria: 3.1 & 3.2

This is a one day task given to us to juxtapose shots together using split screen. In this video  a good samaritan sees someone who has left their folder behind and chases him down to give it back to him. Using split screen we see both perspectives with the guy losing his important folder, to the good samaritan spotting his mistake and chasing him down.

I’m glad this one day task wasn’t a continuity based one like it was last week, because when using one camera it is a bit hard to make sure all movements are the same in both screens. I had to slow things down or speed them up to time things right but there are still a lot of continuity based errors. Originally I was editing this in Final Cut Pro but I had major problems exporting the final video once it was done, so I switched over to Adobe Premier to complete this task.

Picture 3Picture 1(2)


Five Year Plan:

Year one: I plan to finish year one in the HND course at Brooksby Melton College and gain more knowledge in film media production. I plan to religiously enter film competitions and festivals. I hope to also develop and expand my online portfolio with loads and loads of submitted work I have done. I also plan to start meeting people who share the same interests as I do in film making and work together with them and collaborate on our different projects.

Year two: I plan to finish the last year in the HND course at Brooksby Melton College and further expand my knowledge about the film and editing practice. I plan to continue to submit work to film competitions and festivals whilst also adding to my online portfolio. I still plan on continuing to network with people in my field and keep producing work with them. I also plan to start thinking about what i’ll be doing once I graduate from the BSC in my third year and what step I should be taking to get there.

Year three: I plan to move on to the BSC course at Brooksby Melton College and work hard for my bachelors degree. I still plan to continue to add my work to my online portfolio, as well as keep submitting it to competitions and festivals. This year as well as the previous two years I hope to gain enough skills to obtain a good job in the film industry. I hope to meet the right type of people and hopefully I can get an internship of some sore to get me started. I also plan to do a lot of research to get loads of work experience so I can get a good position in well known company.

Year four: After I graduate from The BSC course, I plan to move back to the United States, preferably California in the Silicon Valley, unless I get a good job in England then I will consider staying if that means I can get my foot in the door. But who knows? I will go where ever the job is and wherever opportunities are great. I plan to get some on the job experience and build my CV up with it to promote me in the film industry. Hopefully my skills can carry me far and I can successfully work my way up the corporate ladder.

Year five: I would like to say I could be working for myself this time but I think its unrealistic. I’m not saying its impossible and I will definitely give it a go. I eventually would like to be my own boss with my own company doing something film related, preferably editing. If this doesn’t happen this year I plan to repeat year four until this is possible. But if I cannot make my own business I wouldn’t mind working for a company if they paid a decent wage. I could also do some side work either paid or unpaid just to keep strengthening my portfolio because you’re only as good as your last piece of work right?



Richard Holmes CV

——————————————————————————————————————————————————-jobsResearch for Employment:

This is the section of my website where I show you my research for jobs either payed or unpaid. Considering I’m fairly new to this industry and don’t have too much work in my portfolio I will most likely be doing free work so later on down the line I can have a showreel to possibly get some paid work so either way, work is work is work.

Picture 1

Above is a screenshot of my facebook message to Oakland California rapper Lil Rue aka Ruegar. Dosia is his producer and makes his rap beats. I responded to his status asking if anyone would like to make video for Lil Rue to build up and strengthen up their portfolio. Being a big fan of Lil Rue, I messaged him saying I would be in the San Francisco Bay Area this summer and if  he is interested in making any videos. He asked for my e-mail and if i had any work available to view online, so I gave him this wordpress site along with my e-mail Hopefully when it get closer to the date for me to go to America we can organize a shoot date as this would be a great thing to have under my belt.

Above is a short video I made for Pablos Horse Sanctuary to help them raise money through a foundation who gives out bursaries for small non profit volunteer centers. Again I did this free because it is for a good cause and also it’s always nice to have some more work to add to my portfolio. I spent a day at the shoot getting lots of B-roll footage of horses as well as a short interview/ voiceover by Jon who explains what he would spend the money on if it was granted to the cause. Below is a screenshot of  myself editing the video in Premier Pro CS3.

Picture 1


Criteria 4.1 & 4.2

This was a one day task to complete a scene and a half of footage given to use that we have never seen before and only had the script to work off of. My teacher Paul had shot this a year ago but it hasnt been edited until now. This one day task was to give us an idea of what it would be like in the business of editing in the real world at a major corporation, and having to complete a task handed to you that you have not seen before before the day is done. The point was also to make sure continutity was believable to the audience watching. This scene starts out with the main character in a coffee shop before her meeting with her probation officer at the probation office. She is staring at a couple across the room and her expression in her face is saying that she wishes what they had. It then fades to black and then fades in to her going to the probation office and talking to her probation officer for the first time. She obviously doesnt seem to be happy to be there, but who really would?

Picture 2

Here is my edit decision list for this project. It has all the shots that I wanted and used for this video.

‘Why Let Christmas Good Times Go Bad?’ video competition

Drink Awareness Campaign Advertisement (Contest) Submission

Drinkaware invites YOU to create a short film aimed at young adults highlighting the importance of having a good time this Christmas, while drinking responsibly.

Refer to one or more of the following ‘Why let good times go bad?’ campaign tips when creating your video:
* Turning down a drink is less embarrassing than throwing one up
* Eating isn’t cheating
* Miss a round, not the whole night
* Take cash on its own, when it’s gone, head home
* What’s the big rush? Drink too much, too early and you’ll miss out
* Alternate alcoholic drinks with soft ones

Synopsis: It fades from black to a pair of friends that are in a pub and they’ve just finished their pints of lager. One friend leaves and returns shortly to find his other friend has purchased him another pint. He says, “Here you are Mate.” Then it zooms in on the friends eyes and while he thinking, we hear sound effects describing if he would have had another pint and if he got too drunk, such as people arguing, and then a blurry visual of himself throwing up with a sound of a toilet flushing. Then the friends blinks and comes back around and instead or rudely refusing the already paid drink, he simply responds, “Thanks, but I think I’ll wait a bit.” It then has a shot of the two pints and at the bottom of the screen the campaign tip: Turning down a drink is less embarrassing than throwing one up. Then it slowly fades out.

Filmed by: Frankie Burrows, Richard Holmes
Staring: Richard Holmes, Jordan Schofield, Frankie Burrows
Edited by: Richard Holmes
Lighting by: Frankie Burrows, Jordan Schofield, Richard Holmes


Here we are beginning to set up our 3 point lighting, making sure all lighting wires are taped to the ground, the tripod is secure,  and establishing our shot for the drink awareness video.

Picture 1

Here is a screenshot of myself editing the drink awareness video in Final Cut Pro using the shots that I have picked out and put in my edit decision list.

Below are release and consent forms signed by the manager of the pub and by myself to give us permission to film there . Drink Awareness also needed consent from everyone starring in the video so we had to sign there consent forms as well.