Editing is the process by which a complete and coherent programme is made from the individual shots that we have filmed.

The process of editing can be divided into two separate but linked elements:

1) The mechanical process of using the editing equipment to carry out the task.

2)The creative process of how each separate shot is linked to the next and the relationships that are formed between the shots.

There are 5 types of edits:

1) The action edit :

It can be made with a simple gesture or movement.This is from the movie The Sandlot (1993). Hamilton or “Ham” steps up to bat and mimics Babe Ruth or “the great bambino,” by pointing past the outfield. It then shows a shot of  where he’s pointing and this is where he predicts his home run will be made.

2) Screen Position Edit:

This relies on movement or action in the first shot, forcing or directing the eye of the viewer to a new position on the screen.

This shot is from the movie Stand by Me (1986). It shows Ace grabbing chris’ head and neck and forcefully throwing him to the ground. The next shot is chris being held on the floor by Ace and being threatened with a cigarette burn to his face.

3) Form Edit:

A transition from a shot which has a pronounced shape or colour to another shot which has a matching shape or colour.

This is a shot from Requiem for a Dream (2000), when the main character Harry is high on heroin and he looks out the window of his room only to hallucinate that his girlfriend is standing at the end of a pier. Then the next shot of him shows his room slowly fading away until he is no longer in his room but on the pier walking closer and closer to his girlfriend.

4) The Concept Edit:

The concept edit makes a suggestion. The effect of what happens when joining two shots together produces the concept in the viewer’s mind.

This is a scene from the movie Quality of Life, or also known as Against the Wall (2004). This is at the end of the movie when Curtis,one of the main characters looses control and puts a gun up to his head. The next shot is pigeons flying up symbolizing that he died even when they didn’t show him shoot himself.

5) Combined Edit:

This combines two or more of the other types of edit: Action, Screen Position, Form, and Concept.

This is a screen shot of Menace to Society (1993), where the past event all leads up to this moment and the main character Caine says “in the end it all catches up with you”. The kid riding his big wheel looks back to gunmen in a car coming to kill Caine. This is a combination of action edit and screen position edit.